The best Pokemon for every game

Which Pokemon should you have in your party anyway? This question is fundamental in any Pokemon game to defeat even the toughest coaches. Basically, for every Pokemon type you should have attacks that are very effective against it. Different Pokemon types should be present in your team. Make sure your level is high and you have effective attacks. Status value attacks are usually useless, only rarely can you benefit from them. Your Starter Pokemon should definitely be there, as the Starters Pokemon are all very good. You can also add Legendary Pokemon. For the rest, you should just look at the above points and the status of the Pokemon. See who has the highest attack value or the best defense and decide based on these values.

Never load your Pokemon too hard, in a fight you should always change it. It will not do you any good if you have a Pokemon at level 100 and the others all have a low level. It’s very important to have level equality so be sure to use every Pokemon. Everyone should have already developed to the maximum. With some Pokemon, the development only happens if you trade it with a friend. You must be both connected and each choose a Pokemon for exchange.

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