Sometimes it only takes one Ball to catch’em all

For a long time, the famous legendary Pokemon have already been added to the game. Again and again they will appear in certain places. To be best informed about where and when a legendary Pokemon appears, join a Pokemon Go community that you can find on Facebook. Do you know where a legendary Pokemon is, you should go there as fast as possible. First of all, you have to defeat it in combat, so be sure to have many strong Pokemon. Then you have to catch it, for which you have to have a lot of poke balls in your inventory. After catching it after several attempts, you can add it to your PokeDex, show it to your friends, and state it! Unfortunately, it can not be used in combat because it is just too strong. If you have too few poke balls, you can always get more by simply using our hack für Pokemon Go. If you use it you will get infinite PokeCoins with which you can buy a lot of PokeBalls. Since it is very easy we recommend you to try it out right away. You will not have anything to lose. After using it, you have many more options. It’s easier to play with hacks than it does and it’s just more fun.

If you have questions, you can always contact our support. This one is always available and will answer you quickly. We hope you enjoy our hack.

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