One Pokemon started it all

Many of you have probably made your first experiences with Pokemon through the anime series. But did you know that the Pokemon Games Red and Green / Blue came out before the Anime Series? This is indeed true, the anime series was just released to mark the games well. And it was a total success. The series was so popular and this could also be said to the games. Those who had the privilege of having a GameBoy, certainly had the Red, Blue or Yellow edition of Pokemon. You could even connect your GameBoy to a friend’s and then afford a Pokemon fight. This feature could also be used to complete his PokeDex. Everyone knows that in a game you can not catch all the Pokemon alone, you need the help of a friend who trades the missing Pokemon with you. For the time, it was all groundbreaking, never before have you seen such a thing.

After a good 3 to 4 years, the new Pokemon games came out with the Gold and Silver Edition, followed a year later by the Pokemon Crystal Edition. In the new games, there were completely new Pokemon, she was called the 2nd generation. With the new games also came out a new season of the anime series. Pokemon go cheats und hacks are very exciting to use indeed. Both were welcomed by the public again with open arms. Meanwhile, new Pokemon games are still released every year and an anime series is still being produced and broadcast today, like an annual Pokemon movie. We will deal with this and much more in our next post. So follow us so you will not miss anything here.

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