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There are so many Pokémon that you can catch in the game. Up to 250! All Pokemon of the first and second generation are present in the game. Some are easier to catch than others. And you rarely meet others. The right equipment is necessary when you hit a legendary Pokemon because you never know when you will see it again. So it has to work in the first attempt and for this you need the right items. If you use our hack you will get enough PokeCoins to buy the best items. With them you will be able to catch all Pokemon easily. And ultimately, that’s the goal of the game. Gotta catch’em All!

Pokemon Go has finally been released worldwide after a long time. Despite the simple gameplay, the game has achieved a huge success since its launch. Never before has a game attracted people from all generations, from young to old, everyone plays it. Everyone with the same goal: to catch all Pokemon and to become the best of them all. To speed up this process you should use our Pokemon Go Hack Android. Once you have used Pokemon Go cheats you will be able to buy all sorts of items with your PokeCoins.

Finally the 3rd generation has been added to the game. Since the release, the developers have always added new to the game. Meanwhile, you can even catch a variety of legendary Pokemon. But this is very difficult, because you have to defeat them before in combat. You will need to have a very good Pokemon Party to win against the legendary Pokemon. Once you have done that, it’s time to catch. This catch rate of legendary Pokemon is very low, so be sure to have a lot of Pokeballs in your inventory. In this case, however, you should use your hyperballs so it does not take too long to catch it. Unfortunately, if you’ve finally captured the legendary Pokemon after several attempts, you can not use it in arenas. It’s just too strong to let go of the public. You can, however, show and indicate it to your friends.